Home-it Knife Sharpener


  • Professional Manual Sharpener creates a super sharp edge on all your knives. (15 degree and 20 degree edges)
  • Can be used for straight edge kitchen & household knives, Santoku, Sports knives, Pocket knives and Serrated knives
  • Separate sharpening and honing stages; Create a double beveled edge on your knife that will stay razor sharp and hold its edge longer
  • Product Dimensions: 7.7 x 2 x 2.3 inches ; 4.5 ounces

3 Stage Knife Sharpening System -Home-it knife sharpening system has been designed to turn any dull or blunt kitchen knife into as sharp as you had it when new, sometimes even sharper!sharpen almost any straight edged knife. The second stage, fine, smooths the knife edge and adds than final sharpness that any almost chef would be happy with! Never Buy Another Knife Set - In tests, the Home-it knife sharpening system has managed to bring even the dullest knives back to life, no need to spend money on a new knife set. The sharpener is easy to use and guaranteed to give your dullest blade a new, sharp finish every time.