Home-it on Pack of 30 Slip Flocked Velvet Baby Space Saving Hangers Pink


  • designed perfect adaption to human curve, keep clothes wrinkle free.
  • Super-slim design, compact and sturdy .Maximize closet space
  • Hanger shoulder used of with slip design, prevent garments from slipping. Unique S-Shape Of the top of hanger, convenient and easy to hanger clothes and avoids stretching collar.
  • Multi-function hanger, Perfect for clothes, suit, jacket, scarves, shawls, belts, bra and tie
  • Pack of 30 Home -it hangers, available in five colors, decorate your wardrobe

the Material is a special Non Slip material which the hangers are made from so you can be sure that no piece of clothing can ever slip off extra Slim Gorgeous Pink color. Ideal for child / infant tops, trousers, skirts & dresses - 29cm length. -The hangers are made Super Slim,its thick is just 6mm, which double your closet space instantly Multi-functional design -The hangers are perfect for shirts ,pants ,dresses ,coat ,suits,accessories and belts. Come with 5 different color -blue , pink,rose ,orange,and grey.your wardrobe never becomes boring.